I’d like to tell you a story. Several years ago, economist Tyler Cowen conducted a survey asking participants to describe their lives in a few words. People responded with “a battle,” “a journey,” “a race,” and even “a carousel.” No one responded with “a mess.” 

When most people write biographies, they take a similar tack. They try to sum themselves up in one or two words. I am not most people. Here is a word cloud. 

Some of these things are related to each other. Many are not. They are all, however, part of my story. As Cowen points out, reality – mine, yours, everyone’s – is a mess. It’s the storyteller’s job to create some narrative, some meaning out of that mess.

I’ve spent the last thirteen year making movies. Yes, real movies. Here is a screenshot from the credits of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. 

Last year, I enrolled in Drexel University’s MFA in Creative Writing program. I am currently teaching rhetoric and composition with an emphasis on multimodal communication. I’m a managing editor of our literary journal, Paper Dragon. I’m also writing projects for both print and film. (There’s a reason my coworker said “Vargoing” is doing a job that normally requires more than one person.) This blog shares my process, what I’ve learned along the way, and the occasional, messy musing.


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